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November 8, 2006

Lindenmayer Park to be sold, moved

GROVES — Groves residents voted to approve the sale of Lindenmayer Park with more than 75 percent of the votes.

The 10.9 acre park, located between 32nd Street and Main Avenue on Texas 73, is in an area of considerable economic expansion and the city hoped the citizens would approve to sell the park in order for businesses around the park to expand.

Groves city manager, D.E. Sosa, explained in a previous interview that the park has not been actively used for several years and that moving the park to another, more centralized location would be better for residents, and the city of Groves. The decision went to the residents as per Section 253.001 of the Texas Local Government Code that states that citizens must make the choice to sell all or part of a public park.

Now that the city has the go-ahead from Groves citizens, the next step is getting the land appraised and putting the park up for competitive public bids. The playground equipment, baseball and softball fields will not be included in the sale and City manager Sosa said that the money from the sale of the park will be used to move and refurbish the playground equipment.

Sosa also explained that selling the land to the businesses in order for them to expand would mean more revenue for the city.

No definite plans have been made concerning where the park will be moved, but the city previously discussed with the PNG school board plans to lease district property to the city a fee of one dollar a year.

The city manager emphasized that the name of the park will remain Lindenmayer Park to honor Charles Lindenmayer and the Lindenmayer family of Groves.

All candidates in the Groves election were unopposed keeping Brad Bailey in his office as mayor. Council members Larry Perio and Kyle Hollier remain in their respective positions and Stephen Savoy maintains his seat as city marshal.

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