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April 3, 2014

Yankees making Astros look like the....Yankees

— The first two games of the season have been bad news for my beloved New York Yankees and absolutely wonderful for the local Houston Astros.

When did the two teams flip? I thought the Astros were going to be horrible? Is there a lot to worry about as a Yankees fan?

The Yankees are making the Astros look like....well....the Yankees.

Houston's pitching has been pretty darn good and New York left its bats back in NYC.

Alfonso Soriano is batting .000. I remember being so excited Jacoby Ellsbury signed from Boston to wear pinstripes. Ellsbury has yet to get a hit.

Brett Gardner and Derek Jeter are both at .167 and the four players have combined to score three runs. My Yankees have only two RBI as a team.

CC Sabathia and Hiroki Kuroda have allowed Houston to resemble a team with seasoned-veterans.

Sabathia gave up eight hits and six earned runs while Kuroda allowed two earned runs on Wednesday.

So cheer on Astros fans as I sit back and wonder which team has the best shot of actually making the playoffs this year.

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