, Port Arthur, Texas

March 17, 2007

The Breeze moving toward new future

By Mary Meaux

The News staff writer

Stephen Mosely is a man with a dream.

But he’s not the type of man to sit back and wait for his dream to come to him. He goes out and works for it.

Mosley dreams of the day when an arts and entertainment district is created in the city.

With one dream already under his belt — KSAP 107.1 “The Breeze” radio station — Mosely is reaching even higher this time. He foresees an arts and entertainment district, which will be located at 3600 Cultural Center Drive at Texas 73, as a place for students and adults to immerse themselves in the arts.

If and when the dream and the funding comes through, the broadcast central for the radio station will be moved from its current location at City Hall to the new location and will host a CD production studio/student training center, music center, arts and crafts center, theater arts center, science center and a cafè.

At any given time the 100-watt radio station has upward of 200,000 listeners with a range that often reaches Lake Charles, La., and LaBelle.

Mosley already has the support of Port Arthur City Council and may receive grant funding through the Texas Commission on the Arts.

The Port Arthur man works tirelessly toward his goal as do the volunteer disc jockeys such as Fernando “Valley Boy” Ramirez, Johnnie B. “Papa Sunny Man” Allen, Dana “Lady D” Hatch, Don “Sarge” Hammock and Walter “Super Sonic” Nelson, to name a few.

Various cultures are represented with Spanish language and Vietnamese shows.

But it’s the youth that make a mark on the station and will, in the future, be an integral part of Mosley’s plans.

Youth learn valuable lessons on how to be an on air personality, training that would take years and cost much. When the facility is built students can gain hands-on training towards a career in music and more.

Mosley has poured himself into his dream.

“In seven years total, I have not made one dime,” Mosley said of the station. “We are non-profit and underwriters help. “All the volunteers are here because they love it and want to give something back to the community.”

Fernando Ramirez said the plans for the arts and entertainment district is a win-win situation for the community.

Don Hammock, an on air personality since 2005, is excited about Mosley’s dream.

“It’s a great idea and good for the community,” Hammock said. “Especially as a way to build up an arts and entertainment district. The area could use this.”

Hammock’s show is defined as a roller coaster that goes from “rock to rap, fun to folk and country to Christian” music with interviews interspersed between.

Mosley’s dream will bring youth to the area to learn radio broadcasting, play musical instruments, participate in arts and crafts, dance and drama as well as the CD production.

A courtyard of sorts would leave room for concerts in the park and for students to present their work for all to see.

The 20,000-square-foot facility has an approximate price tag of $3.6 million.

For more information about The Breeze or the Arts and Entertainment District, call 983-8276.