, Port Arthur, Texas

July 12, 2013

Teen boys will love ‘Pacific Rim’

Sean McBride
The Port Arthur News

PORT ARTHUR — “Pacific Rim” may very well be the perfect movie for a comic book loving twelve year old boy. This story of giant robots fighting huge sea monsters has all the action of a summer blockbuster combined with all of the pulpy cool of a beloved comic. Teenage boys will love it. A lot of adults will also have a blast watching this movie.

The film kicks off with a bang. We learn that giant monsters have invaded Earth, traveling here through an inter-dimensional rift in our tectonic plates. These monsters, known as kaiju, attack coastal cities like Godzilla on a drunken rampage.

In order to fight back, humanity has created a series of giant robot known as jaegers. These Rock ‘em Sock ‘em soldiers patrol the coast, but seem to be losing the battle to save humanity. Indeed, there is talk of discontinuing the jaeger program and just building a giant wall to keep the kaiju out.

Idris Elba plays Stacker Pentecost, the man who still believes that jaegers will save us from the monsters. He recruits a fallen hotshot jaeger pilot (Charlie Hunnam) and teams him up with a beautiful Japanese woman (Rinko Kikuchi) who has a secret. If these two can learn to work together, they just might be able to save us all.

It’s a far better plot than I would have initially suspected. This is a giant monsters versus robots movie—what more do you need than the action sequences? Still, director Guillermo del Toro has a long history of providing though-provoking stories that often add a sense of humanity to his collection of movie monsters. Thank heavens for directors like del Toro who want to give us films with thrilling action sequences as well as some engaging human drama for the grownups to enjoy.

Del Toro is also known for his visual flourishes, and “Pacific Rim” proves to be an onslaught of cool-looking images. The kaiju evoke sharks, crabs and crocodiles and bleed with phosphorescent blue blood. They just look cool and it’s a real pleasure to watch them duke it out with the 250 ft. tall robots, especially since the kaiju are not just dumb killing machines.

You’ve got to love a film that has such great special effects and a surprisingly intelligent story. I wish the lead characters were a bit more interesting, but the monsters and the robots kick butt and the director does a great job of keeping the action flowing and even injects some fun moments whenever he can

What more could a twelve year old boy, or even his dad, ask for in a summer blockbuster?

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