, Port Arthur, Texas

May 22, 2012

Hospital takes encouraging steps

The Port Arthur News

PORT ARTHUR — Renaissance Hospital is an important asset to Groves and the entire area and it is encouraging to see the facility on the rebound from some very troubling times. The new management team from Foundation Surgical Hospital Affiliates headed by Woodrow “Woody” Moore seems to be making the right moves to repair the hospital’s damaged relationship with employees and the community.

The hospital staff reached out to its neighbors Saturday by inviting all who were interested to come see the changes that have taken place. That’s a positive step that will help build good will. But the true test will be when the time comes for someone to be treated for an emergency or to be admitted for patient care. Renaissance has developed a reputation of a small facility that can give warm, personal attention that is often missing at larger facilities. If Renaissance can regain that reputation there will always be a place for a community hospital where the doctors and nurses learn your name.