, Port Arthur, Texas

Darragh Doiron

December 14, 2010

Sounds Good: Santa's grooming tips nice for all

PORT ARTHUR — Santa’s grooming tips are good for grown-up boys and girls

I’ve interviewed Santa a couple of times this season, and he mentioned he keeps his beard in top condition, with actually conditioner. I wish a lot of fellas would take a tip from him.

Here’s some goodies for your stocking that will keep you looking good:

I’ll bet Santa likes a good manicure, too. Dermelect Cosmeceutical’s Nail Recovery System is the best lovin’ my nails have ever received. Have you ever heard of anti-aging for nails? Three bottles paint on the good  stuff for hard-to-grow, chipped, peeling or acrylic-damaged nails. ProSina is the “protein-peptide technology  breakthrough ingredient” to protect and strengthen, delivering protein peptides directly to the nail bed. The steps are called Launchpad, Makeover and High Maintenance, then there’s

 Rejuvenail Fortifying Nail & Cuticle Treatment that I now keep by the couch and rub in during any spare TV time.

 Eye Supreme sent samples of goodies for a bright-eyed look you can get at The Plaza Hotel in New York or RedMountain Resort and Spa in Utah. I tried multi-active patches that stayed on under the eye’s delicate skin very well. Eyeliss, Haloxy and Aloe Vera go into the Eye Supreme Cream Gel for the morning and Eye Supreme Extra Cream goes on before bed to “fake eight hours of blissful sleep.” You can apply it to lips, too. Ladies, you may want to check into this for New Year’s Eve parties and ramifications. It feels luxurious. Use it in your home, or at The Plaza.

Slap your mama

If you survived the ‘80s, you’ll remember Swatches. Now we’ve got the Slap Watch and Barbara Walters is apparently just as intrigued as I am. Big, colorful bands are of medical-grade silicone and you can switch out the sturdy disk that is the watch. Make the band stiff, then just slap it on and it conforms to the circle around your wrist. I admit I did this too enthusiastically the first time and it smarted. Calm down, you can slap it on again and again all day long. If you hate fastening tiny watch bands, you’ve got a good deal here. Though there are no numbers, the face is big enough to see the time. I slapped on a white band and the watch has bright orange bands. The only problem is, with that color scheme, I keep thinking it’s time for a Whataburger.

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Darragh Doiron