, Port Arthur, Texas


November 12, 2010

Transformed thinking: God gave you a mind to use

PORT ARTHUR — God gave you your mind, so use it! Stop sitting around thinking about how bad things appear to be and get up and do something to change it. Pick up a book and learn how you can become a better person. You are a wonderful part of creation, so start living like it. You are intelligent and are capable of solving unsolvable problems. You must put yourself in an environment of being productive. Otherwise you will only be existing instead of living. God did not place you upon this planet to just exist! HE placed you here to live. Turn off the television. Turn off the radio. Close the book of your favorite novel. Sit quietly and still and learn to use your mind. God gave it to you and he does not make junk. He gave us all that we need to be successful, so do it! Start today!

Sit quietly and read your Bible. When you complete your reading, pray and ask God to stimulate your thoughts. The ideas may not come today, but continue to do it daily! One day it will Hit you like a ton of bricks. The light will come on and you will understand why God placed you in this universe and upon this planet, called earth. This exercise must be done without the interruptions. God bless you!

Harry Abrams is a resident of Port Arthur. Contact him at P.O. Box 1443, Port Arthur, Texas 77640, or (409) 332-7789. E-mail him at

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